Mordechai Krispijn: The Dutch Judas Goat.

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There are many definitions of people who deliberately try to blend in an ever growing amount of angry people, who want to revolt against an utter corrupt system, to control the revolution and to guide these rightfully angry people to the cliff of submission and slavery. Some call them Controlled Opposition (CO), shills, or even Judas Goats. The bottom line is that these people are trained and selected to play that essential part, to distract the public from the real issues. The groups that carry out such deep stealth operations are the CIA, Mossad, MI6 and many more. These groups are the strong arms of the Satanic Cult to facilitate their very dark agenda’s. And they train the Decoys.

As anywhere else in the world, the people In the Netherlands are waking up to the fact that they have been fooled by their government through the 9/11 staged event, the late late Cojona Hoax, by the Global warming Hoax, by the Nitrogen Hoax and by the NWO Staged Ukraine – Russian war. They all are fed up with their corrupt governments. So what does the Satanic Cult (WEF, NWO, Free Masons, Zionists, Jesuits, Satanic bloodlines etc) do? They place at critical positions, decoys, or Judas Goats, shills, to control the revolution. They control the Judas goats and therefore also the revolting masses.

Some history. In the beginning of 2020, the beginning of the Cojona Hoax, where the awakening people started to realized that something did not fit, all of a sudden, out of the blue a group of people started to get the attention. The Viruswaarheid groep. A group headed by a totally unknown person called Mordochai Krispijn. A new hero! So it seemed. This group placed a petition and in no time there were 350K signatures. Something unseen in history. It dwarfed another petition, Chemtrails, which never went higher than 40K signatures and was deliberately kept under that.

Later 28 September 2021 there was a protest at an Utrecht’s restaurant. A protest against the Corona pass. And yes the “Holy Mordecai” was there also leading the protest. The so called “Good Guy”. As the predicted outcome of the CO instigated case of this orchestrated WakuWaku theatre, against the state, ended up in nothing, the real objective was achieved. The end game of this orchestrated event was to demotivate other restaurant owners to do the same. So yes, the CO succeeded in demotivating other potential rebellions.

All of these protests ended up in courts against the state of which we all knew the outcome up front. Wasting a lot of energy and creating hope for the people with de-motivation as the predicted outcome.

Nothing in this world happens by coincidence. If it happens you can be sure it was planned.

In an earlier article of this journal, 19 July 2020, we already asked the question Who is Mordechai Krispijn?

Already then our radar system picked up a “Decoy” red alert signal.

Now more than two years later we can make some synthesis.

Every time there is a major truth event in NL, this guy Mordochai Krispijn, the “Holy Savior”,  appears on the scene. If the name Mordochai comes into the scene, deep diggers should be alarmed. We know of another Mordochai jew, who was paid by the Rothschild to start the Bolshevik controlled opposition (CO) revolution. Karl Marx, Stalin, Trotsky and all of the Bolshevick revolutionary Ilk (all Jews)  have facilitated the murder of 65MM white Christians. The ultimate plan of the cult. To depopulate and control the white race. Same with the Cojona, same with the Staged UA RU war. Same with all the wars in the world. Qui Bono? The cult.

a list of some smoking guns:

Viruswaarheid (with Mordi pulling the strings) in 2020 Overnight from zero to 350K petitioners. This cannot happen unless the facilitators are helped by the system. And yes the “Holy Savior” Mordi was there to run the show. He introduced himself in the beginning, when nobody knew this “Holy Savior” at the beginning and the first thing he told was the incredible history of his Jewish family who suffered in the WWII.

The lawsuit against Hugo de Jonge, Dutch minister of health. Also there this Mordi guy pups up again as the man in charge. The Savior Modi always pups up in major events. The masses do not see the trap. Their tactics is to drag the rightfully angry people to an infinite useless energy consuming legal theater where at the end nothing happens. Their tactics is to channel the angry people to total submission to surrender.

And now recently with David Icke. The “Holy Savior” appears again. Mordi asked two questions to David.

1) Did the mainstream media contacted you? No
2) Do you recognize that the Holocaust has taken place and that Jews have been systematically murdered by the Nazi’s? Answer: ABSOLUTELY

Why is question 2 so important? Let that sink in!

Well there are two reasons.

First reason is to show that David Icke is the good guy and that he believes this event in history (nobody is allowed to criticize it) is true.
The other reason is to play the victim-hood trickery card, as this cult always does and to force people to fall for the one and only truth, nobody is allowed to question!

Because if he doubt this “history forced fact”, you are the bad guy.

In other words a Hijacking of a truth warrior to submission of the one and only “truth” card they have to manipulate the masses with.

The answer of David ” ABSOLUTELY”, by the way already gives clues on what the truth means for David.. This answer lifts the veil to what the real truth means to David. But that is That is another story.

The Holo story.
Why do people never mention the killing by this cult of the 65MM white Christians by the Bolsheviks? We never have learned that in schools., but it really happened. Why is the genocide of the Holodemor in Ukraine and Russia now not any longer remembered? Why is it that all the people have to believe the mysterious 6M story and why is this story so important?
If the masses would find out the real truth, this house of cards would implode, big time.

Awakening is a long process. Once you understand that something is not right, you start to dig and dig and dig. At some point you start to believe some people. However, the rabbit hole is so deep that you always have to be prepared for a trap. A deception. Once you have established a robust model, you will see traps on your way and you will filter out the Judas goats in this tsunami of truthers. Do not believe anybody, believe your own research and build a very very strong robust model and most of all share this model with your fellow truth diggers.

Together, if we team up and connect, we the deep awakened are becoming the New World Force. And then they will loose.

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